The first National Science Dat Fabric (NSDF) in-person meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 22-23.

The meeting will have the multiple goals of:

  • developing and sharpening together the long term NSDF vision and uniqueness
  • knowing each other in person to strengthen the connections among team members and work more effectively together remotely
  • sharing with everyone the plans and the technical progress of working groups
  • identify NSDF strengths and weaknesses to improve our plans for the future.

As we develop the program we would like to receive feedback from you on broader issues and specific topics that you would like to see discussed, group-building activities that you believe would be useful, and ask you if you would be interested in giving at least a brief presentation. Receiving your feedback would be very valuable to us so that we can plan for a better meeting that is more useful and engaging for everyone.

Valerio Pascucci. NSDF Principal Investigator

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